Disciple Making Course Facilitation Guide

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Step-by-step guide for facilitating the Waha Disciple Making Course

Jeff P

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In 2019, our local church hosted something called the Marriage Course. My wife and I were eager to improve our marriage, so we signed up! Our pastor and his wife had been married for over 30 years, so we were excited to learn from them. When we showed up for the course at their house, we took out our Bibles and journals, ready to learn. But instead of our pastor pulling out a podium and teaching, he rolled out a cart with a TV on it. ​He then sat in the back of the room, grabbed the remote, and pressed play. The 7-week Marriage Course was fantastic; it had times of teaching followed by pauses for discussion or activities. And we realized something powerful.... anyone could facilitate the Marriage Course. Even a single person! All they had to do was gather a group of people and press play on the course. ​We decided to model the Waha Disciple Making Course after this pattern. The Waha Disciple Making Course is a 9-week training that equips you and your friends, family, or small group with Biblical vision for why and how to make disciples. Then, as a community, you're guided through implementing disciple making together.

How to facilitate the Disciple Making Course in your home or church

We've had folks using the course to train upwards of 50 to 100 people at once! But you can also go through the Disciple Making Course in a small group or even with just you and your spouse!

1. Come up with a list of people who you are going to invite to do the course with

This could be as simple as your family, your church small group, or a group of friends you play board games with once a month.

2. Start praying for your list

Getting outside our comfort zone is, uncomfortable! Our natural tendency may not be to share our faith with those who aren’t followers of Jesus yet. So before we embark on this journey together, start regularly praying for those you want to invite to make disciples with.

3. Send a text message invite (or in-person invitation / phone call)

We’ve prepared a few options of text messages you could send here.

4. Find a date and time

Without putting something on your calendar, you’ll never actually do it! So find an agreeable time for you to do the Disciple Making Course. We would encourage you to think of times that your group is already naturally together. So if you are doing the course with your church small group, do the Disciple Making Course during your weekly small group meeting. If you are doing the course with your friends who you play board games with, choose a shorter board game to play with that week and then do the Disciple Making Course after that!

5. Prepare your home (or wherever you are meeting)

We wrote a whole article on hosting the Disciple Making Course! Check it out here:

6. Facilitate the Disciple Making Course

At this point, you have a few options of how you can actually start playing the Disciple Making Course, depending on what you have available!

📺 Using an Apple TV or Chromecast

1. Open the Waha app
2. Navigate to the Training Tab
Click Tab Image.jpg
3. Tap on “Disciple Making Course”

4. Tap on the Week 1 Video
5. Tap on the “cast” button
Start casting.gif

💻 Using your computer

Facilitating the course with your computer is even easier! Simply go to to go through the course in English

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